Top Ways to Help Children in the Best of Health

We often think that children are young, so are naturally healthy as we don’t see the long term impact of life style choices we make as parents and gaurdians.

There are government websites like healthykids, giving very bad advice about childrens statistics and their health – from rubbish like drinking fat free milk, to eating more fruits, it simply does not get worse than that, when the problem is much more complex than that.

Nutrient density is the main problem in all food today – and advice like “eat more fruit” couldnt be far from the truth – at this point, we need to be supplementing from B-complex vitamins at the very least (yes, this means childrens supplementing on B-complex vitamins).

Why B-complex?

These vitamins are essential when growing up – and considering that everyone on earth is deficient on B vitamins, it is even more important that children are given that.

There are many academic journals that have talked about B vitamins importance in children, such as brain development – from memory and so on – this link explains it better.

There have been studies that have proven how B-complex will make smarter kids – and this is has been known for years before the study, and it is one thing you can do for your kids, is to give them consistent doses of B-complex vitamins – this is really going to help them in school, let alone their quality of life.

It is said that a huge portion of your life span and predicted diseases will come from quality of (or lack of) nutrition that you will take as a child, and also what your mother will take before your birth (whilst she is pregnant) – this is understood in eastern cultures such as Korea, where they know what to eat when they are pregnant – their quality skin complexion and muscle porportions isn’t a race thing, it is a lifestyle and nutrition thing.

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