Our Doctors

We have one of the world’s top Doctors and one of them that lead our hospital is Dr James Stevenson who is not only an author and researcher (his book can be found on amazon).

Dr James Stevenson – Author, Researcher and Medical Practitioner

Dr James Stevenson started his journey in medicine in London, and transferred to the United States in California, and then later in New York.

He has been actively involved in research of various kinds from children’s conditions affecting hair growth and hair loss in adults and children alike. His speciality came in when he was treated with acupuncture for an inflammatory condition, and then started getting involved in researching Eastern Medicine as well as Western Medicine.

With his wife and 2 kids, he travels around from London and New York to help further research in various childrens conditions. Most of his work is peer reviewed and well researched within Harvard Medical research labs.

Published work

  1. Home Remedies for Hair Growth – Amazon
  2. Research on Alopecia in Children under 10 – Private Published
  3. Blood flow and Categorization of Anemia