Top 5 Children’s Hospitals in Europe

The great North children’s Hospital.


The great north children’s hospital is among the few hospitals in London that serves both as a tertiary referral center and a teaching hospital. The hospital also serves as the regional hub for pediatrics in the north east, and also offers a unique infrastructure for children’s clinical and translation research.

It’s credited to the hospital that offers a wide range of healthcare services compared to other hospitals located outside of London. The hospital has Community Acute Nursing Initiative that offers nursing care to children around the hospitals local community for free.


Leeds Children’s Hospital.


A hospital known well known for its ground breaking support towards research and innovations that focus on improving healthcare and treatments, the Leeds hospital is one of the few hospitals which has independent healthcare departments that only offer specialized and intensive treatments such as: the Bexly radio therapy wing, the neonatal unit and the diabetes wing.

These departments have enabled the hospital to maintain it high standards when offering its medical services and this has always been the key to achieving the best outcome for all its patients. Through the formation of healthcare movements the hospital has been able to offer free health care services to children whose families cannot meet treatment costs.


The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital


This hospital is the busiest and among the largest hospitals in the united kingdom with a total of 371 pediatric beds. It’s also equipped with the largest pediatric intensive care unit where nurses offer continuous healthcare to all the children that require respiratory support.

The hospital treats a wide range of respiratory conditions and always covers for treatments of all respiratory pediatric diseases.




The Avelina London Children’s Hospital


Avelina hospital is known for providing an extensive range of special treatments services to children with rare and complex medical conditions. It’s the second largest children healthcare and treatments center in London, which offers healthcare services from the time of birth throughout childhood and into adulthood.

The hospital also offers healthcare and treatments to young patients in the community of Lambeth and southward for free and has extended its community services to schools, patients homes and churches.


The Royal Hospital For sick children


The royal children’s hospital is designed to be the perfect home for your sick children. The friendly nurses and doctors make this facility a home far from home. Being the largest health facility in Scotland and among the largest in Europe, the hospital has continued to offer comprehensive health services. Its partnership with top health organizations such as Health Scotland and The Scotland Organ Donation has enabled the hospital to offer free dental and optical healthcare services to the community.

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